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”Tummy time and baby wearing are great for getting baby off his flat spot during the day, but what about nights? It was really hard to find any solution that was both safe and effective.

Eventually I came across a pillow which I cannot recommend more highly. Most pillows are a SIDS hazard. The Mimos pillow, however, is more air than fabric. That means that it is impossible for the baby to get smothered by it.

The pillow also gently cups your baby’s head, distributing pressure evenly from all sides. Mimos pillows were designed by a paediatrician specifically to deal with flat head syndrome. Given the amount of time that your newborn baby spends asleep I don’t know of anything else that is more crucial. I only wish I had used it from birth to mitigate the flat spot in the first place.”

Fotnot: SIDS är en förkortning på Sudden Infant Death Syndrom, Plötslig spädbarnsdöd